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Being the wealthy capitalist pigs we are, we can afford to go jetting off around the world on photo shoots. Every time we do this we take our very own resident FurryCup with us. So here it is... All around the world...


Hawaii, USA. Hawaii, USA.


The Furry Cup in Rotterdam, outside the Beurs World Trade Centre, NL. The Furry Cup at the airport ready to go to Rotterdam on it's all expenses paid trip, UK.

Los Angeles

The Furry Cup in Santa Monica (LA), CA, USA. The Furry Cup stops for a paper in Santa Monica (LA), CA, USA.

Gran Canaria

The Furry Cup at Gatwick airport ready to go to Gran Canaria, UK. The Furry Cup having a drink in Gran Canaria, CANARY ISLANDS. The Furry Cup having a drink in Gran Canaria, CANARY ISLANDS.

New York

The Furry Cup on top of the Empire State building in New York, USA. The Furry Cup in Central Park, New York, USA. The Furrycup in front of the Statue of Liberty, NY, USA. The Furry Cup travelling back to New York on the ferry (and a lot warmer than the editors - probably the fur).

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