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Everybody lies, but it doesn't matter since nobody listens.

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DFTFC Awards

Because this is such an amazingly great site, we are constantly winning awards for design and content and giving back to the world with our own awards.


With so many awards we can obviously only spare the time to put some of them on this page.


Continuing this theme of being rather modest about our own website, we've decided to show our admiration for other websites out there in the ether we call cyberspace. DFTFC proudly presents our awards to the rest of the world. They come in three flavours: Orange, Banana and Apple.

If your site is lucky enough for us to notice then you might be getting an email awarding you one of these priceless trophies of greatness.

However if you site is just a pile of pure and utter crap, then it might just win our webshite of the week award, which is anchovy flavours.

Well I can see you asking "How can we ensure people don't just steal these prizes". A good question, and well quite frankly if they do - "damn - yet more free advertising" - but if you really do want to check we keep a list of sites that have won awards on the DFTFC Roll of Honour, which err given it only had one site on has not been rescued from history

Yeah you guessed it the majority of this site is copyrighted to us, © 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 all the way up to 2014 so please don't pinch it. Obviously this is all in good humour if you don't think so then you don't have "good humour". This is of course only a sarcastic sceptical FICTITIOUS (yes thats right it's not real! - It's actually made up! - Welcome to the world of satire), view on life the universe and everyone in the public light... hey it's all supposed to be good fun... honest :)